Josh Long’s Parabola Rant

My Advanced Mastery Network is off and running. It’s the most high-powered gathering of entrepreneurial fighter pilots and STAR business owners that I’ve ever assembled. And I want to give you a quick peek under the tent flap of our last confab. But be warned: strong language ahead. Josh Long […] Read more »

The Tactical Triangle: A New Way to Think about Marketing

Most marketers think that there are only two aspects of marketing: Traffic and conversion. But there’s a third that most marketers forget. Economics. In this video, Perry Marshall reveals the Tactical Triangle–a new, more complete and far more strategic and “fractal” way of thinking about your marketing. Read more »

The *OTHER* $10,000/hour skill

My friend Greg Timms runs a church in Chicago. Asked me to preach. Topic: “What’s the highest value skill you can cultivate?” I don’t get asked to speak on Sunday mornings terribly often. I think I’m too ‘Wolverine’ for most churches…. But this was my answer Read more »

Memos from the Head Office LIVE

If you’ve read my book 80/20 Sales & Marketing, you may remember the epilogue titled “The Story Behind the Story.” I was at a church service. My mind was obsessed with the “80/20 skew curve.” I was trying to figure out the calculus behind it. Suddenly, a woman I had […] Read more »

Conversations with Phil – 80/20 Sales

Perry Marshall is a one-of-a-kind author and pioneer in the Internet marketing and advertising space like none other. I talked to him about 80/20 sales and marketing. Wow! About Perry Marshall: Perry Marshall is one of the world’s most expensive and sought-after business consultants. Clients seek his ability to integrate […] Read more »

Posts or pages?


This is a WP post. If you prefer to use posts rather than (or in addition to) pages, then you're in the right place! Integer tempus justo eu metus lobortis, eget viverra sem imperdiet. Mauris lobortis vestibulum ex a feugiat. Sed nec augue iaculis, congue felis at, convallis odio. Nam egestas […] Read more »

Another post


Integer purus lorem, laoreet quis lacus non, imperdiet tincidunt mi. In consectetur ornare elit, a accumsan enim suscipit in. Curabitur laoreet massa at semper volutpat. Nunc molestie, nulla at imperdiet pellentesque, justo mi sagittis enim, ut vestibulum nisl turpis in nulla. Vestibulum id ex eu dolor sodales sollicitudin. Pellentesque congue […] Read more »